One of the challenges that parents face is getting babies to sleep. It can be a nightmare for the parents to stay awake night after night as the baby doesn’t sleep. This happens around four months of age usually as the babies go through a period called sleep regression.

During this time their sleep cycles change, and they have more periods of lighter sleep than before. This is the time that sleep training is needed so that the babies can sleep independently. There are various sleep training methods available and here we are going to discuss some of them.

Ferber method

This is also known as the check-and-console method. You just need to check on your baby from time to time without rocking or feeding them. Eventually, they will fall asleep on their own. You just put the baby in the crib and go outside the room.

After a few minutes come back and say a few words or touch the baby. Then again check but this time after a longer interval. Continue doing this until the baby falls asleep.

Extinction or CIO method

The objective of the extinction or Cry-It-Out (CIO) method is that you should get rid of the crying behavior by not responding to your baby. Just put the baby in the crib and walk out of the room. Don’t respond even if the baby cries.

Chair method

During bedtime, you prepare the baby for sleep. Then without leaving the room just take a chair and sit next to the crib. Leave the room when the baby falls asleep. If they wake up, sit on the chair again till they fall back to sleep.

All these sleep training methods are effective and you should choose one according to your preference. After weeks, you will find that your baby is sleeping independently.

How Babies Sleep

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