‘Committee for Children’ has been working for more than 40 years now helping children to learn and grow and supporting the parents too. They believe that it is possible to make a positive impact on their lives through social-emotional learning.

If they can do that, then the children can pass this learning to their families and communities.

The organization works to promote the health and safety of children. They provide tools that help the children to thrive. The organization works with policymakers, parents, and educators and comes up with research-based programs to help the children.

They also play roles in public policies and leadership. Their social-emotional learning program is very effective and popular for child development.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) helps to create a positive environment in school and supports academic success. Social-emotional skills help to prevent youth violation, substance abuse, and bullying. These skills are necessary for parents and educators so that they can contribute to the positive development of the kids at home and in school.

The organization works to create an environment for children that is safe and free from any violence or abuse. In the past years, many children have experienced trauma. This makes it difficult to pay attention to their studies and they often become addicted to drugs.

Bullying is a common problem in school. Many children get into depression or serious illness due to bullying. They even commit suicide. SEL works to protect the children against bullying and they teach children how to cope up with these situations.

They train the teachers and parents to recognize and respond to child violence, bullying, and abuse. This creates a positive impact on the children’s lives. Through this program, the children can make good decisions and foster healthy relationships. They will be able to face an everyday challenge that life throws at them.

Many children are trafficked each year and the SEL protects the children to prevent such events. Even at home children are often sexually abused. SEL also steps forward to deal with this issue.

They use research-based approaches to deal with the various problems that children face at home, school, and in the community. They educate the parents, caregivers, and teachers on various things concerning the children’s upbringing and safety.